Global Med-Con

Global Med-Con (GMC) offers its comprehensive information with deep industry knowledge, necessary to help you design your strategies, in order for you to smoothly sail across the complexities of healthcare market in Pakistan.

The partners at GMC have experience in the Lifesciences businesses and products in multiple segments, and in all stages of business development, from market research through post marketing studies.

GMC brings a blend of strategic thinking and over thirty years of experience to help its clients tackle the complexity of healthcare business or product development strategies to achieving their development goals.

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Business Development Strategy and Execution

We combine our insights and experience to help healthcare companies create the most cost effective, science based, and results driven plans.

  • Development planning
  • Individual product design and development
  • Research management services
  • Clinical trial management
  • Laboratory and bioanalytical services.

Regulatory Strategies and Execution

Regulatory compliance in healthcare comes with its own unique challenges and multiplied risks. GMC ensuresall pertinent regulations are met and approvals taken before a product launch.

  • Formulating regulatory submission strategy
  • Regulatory meetings and preparation
  • NDA document preparation and reviews
  • General regulatory support.
Global Med-Con Services
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Product Positioning and Medical Promotion

Proper positioning and optimal medical messaging are critical for the success of the development and commercialization of your product

  • Positioning your product for effective and successful business
  • Optimizing the value of your product by Identifying unmet needs
  • Creating scientific and impactful key medical communication strategy
  • Identifying key differentiating characteristics of your product.

Service, As Single and In Bundles

  • Market research and analysis
  • Identifying right partners for distribution and helping with contracts.
  • Guidance on legal and licensing processes in case of drugs and medicines.
  • Obtaining the required licenses and necessary letters from concerned heath authorities
  • Digital health solutions that leverage recent advancements in connectivity and data sharing.
  • Work with international medical centers and laboratories for services to Pakistani medical community for procedures not available within the country, such as, diagnosis of rare diseases, digital medical consultations, remote patient monitoring, genomic testing and other.
  • Medical I.T. consulting
  • Talent hunting, H.R. solutions
  • Academic dissemination of information through digital media.